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Trends That Are Making Video Marketing Skyrocket

We hear a great deal that quality content makes all the difference, which is the reason advertisers are continuing to take steps to create engaging and shareable content.

Video marketing is the key to content marketing. It's the need to incorporate video marketing into your marketing strategy.

According to a recent study, videos are shared via social media 1200% more than pictures and text combined. So, it is very important to ensure that we have a strategy in place for video marketing.

Let us find out what are the trends of video marketing 2024.

Video Marketing Trends in 2024

Live Videos In but Facebook Live is Out

Facebook Live was one of the biggest fallacies of Facebook. The users were not able to generate the type of outcome they had expected which ultimately led to the decline of its usage.

However, live video isn't a technique that is vanishing. Despite what might be expected, has made a firm spot in the video marketing world.

Thus Live video will keep on developing. The idea of live media is a captivating one. The reason? Experiencing live uncut videos.

As an Instagram or Snapchat follower, you’ve presumably seen that numerous individuals you follow "go live" on various occasions a day. Those live feeds, as a rule, comprise responding to questions that are being submitted by different clients—possibly endeavoring to accomplish something that clients demand.

While Instagram gives the ability to save these live videos to your profile, the chances of somebody viewing 60 minutes in length live stream later are very less.

What makes the live video so unique? It's reproducing the sensation live radio and TV used to provide—individuals all around the nation, or the world, encountering the same content simultaneously. Live video is in for the long haul.

Shoppable Videos

Another video marketing strategy that is getting popular is "shoppable videos"

These video ads provide links to products within the video universe.

Instagram Stories and Snapchat include videos with links as well.

It's sensible to anticipate that you'll soon have the option to purchase items by interacting with the items inside a video. For example - if there's a piece of furniture highlighted on screen, you might have the option to hover over it and discover that specific model and where to get it.

The alternatives are boundless, truly. In any case, for the present you'll see more videos that feature products in a story's stream, regularly with a shoppable link..

Interactive 360 videos

The interactive 360 video is a huge trend right now. Through it you can experience Broadway musicals, sporting events, and scenic locations.

It's the sort of vivid, advanced video style we're hoping to see much more of as AR and VR keep on developing. Also, it's something that, in case you're eager to learn, you might need to create one.

While difficult to create (right now) it could be an incredible method to stand out your competition and truly fascinate your client base.

Video conferencing

While software applications like Google Hangouts and Zoom have been improving their video conferencing capacity, the experience of video conferencing wherein one person converses with another person live is bound to expand.

The capacity to see someone else and to share screens supports technical functions. On top of that, it can likewise be a decent method to instruct.

The experience of video conferencing triumphs in comparison to voice calls, chat functions or email.


With YouTube undergoing a lot of changes, vlogging is developing at a rapid rate. Vlogging is basically creating blogs with videos as the medium.

YouTube, Instagram and Snapchat are well-known platforms for vlogging. With the expansion of live video, vloggers are experimenting with the sort of videos they feature.

Vloggers are turning into influencers by advertising about various brands.

Google Ads video marketing

In 2024, we will see an increasing number of advertisers going for Google Ads video marketing. Google video advertisements show up on YouTube or on the Display Network. We definitely realize that YouTube is the world's second most utilized search tool, which is the reason your video marketing plan should include video ads.

Gen Z will make up 40% of all video consumption and the key to their attention is videos.

Gen Zs devour video content for 3-4 hours daily on their favorite platform to unwind.

Searchable videos

Google has incorporated videos as a core offering. Hence now top videos will be featured on the search result when you search on google. Example, “how to make cake?”

So, here the video is featured first then the articles.

Over the years videos are appearing on the top of the result page both for desktop and mobile.

Hence, it is very important to optimize your videos according to search engines to rank higher on SERPs.

Stories will dominate

Viewers like Instagram stories as they consider it more authentic than other content on social media. Compared to most well-planned content on the feed, stories add an additional personalized approach to Instagram.

By incorporating Instagram stories into your video promoting strategy you'll be able to connect together with your viewers more and build a personalized relationship with them.

People like to see behind the scenes, sneak peeks of the latest product, promotional codes/discounts, etc. It makes them feel special as they are able to see themself as part of the product journey

Videos for different dimensions

As new video platforms are introduced, the preferences for video dimensions, whether or not your video is in square horizontal, or vertical format, can expand.

With Snapchat and Instagram Stories, vertical video has increased in popularity dramatically. In fact, YouTube and Facebook videos also support it.

IGTV, Instagram’s video platform, hit a wall once they tried to push its users to use vertical video. And thanks to the widely low usage of it, Instagram has currently declared they’ll support traditional horizontal video on IGTV.

A similar story is of square video. At one instance people thought that square video content performed higher on Facebook and Instagram.

According to a study it was found that view-through rate and engagement rate are much higher on square than landscape videos

But in spite of that Instagram has started supporting photos and videos in broader dimensions.

Will we keep seeing more square videos within the next twelve months, or have things come to traditional dimensions? Is vertical video good? We’ll see. It’ll be smart to keep an eye on the trends.

Silent Videos

When Facebook introduced its autoplay feature, which automatically plays videos in the feed with no sound, it absolutely was a game-changer.

It was later admitted that they were measuring the minimum amount of seconds as full views, however long or short the video was.

Now publishers are creating videos with subtitles and animations to convey context with no necessity to activate the sound.

Instagram auto plays videos in its feed and so do LinkedIn, Twitter and YouTube.

As autoplay videos continue, there will be more consumption of silent videos. This can also mean you can watch videos irrespective of the language of the audio.

Now that we know all the trends we should start exploring all the options because video content marketing is dynamic and we need to start experimenting with different techniques.

Till then keep looking out!!

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