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Corporate Video, Short film



VRL is a trusted name in the transport business. They provide a lot more than their competitors, but their customers had to know that VRL is the best fit for them.


So, they wanted a short film which would showcase all the comforts, and special features that they offer their customers.



VRL has become a large logistics and transport company which is the largest fleet owner in India with 4001 vehicles (including 455 tourist buses and 3546 goods transport vehicles) as of 10 May 2015.


VRL is mentioned in the Limca Book of Records as a single largest fleet owner of commercial vehicles in India in the private sector.


Website - www.vrlbus.in 



We made a video which proved VRL is a large platform, which reaches out to numerous destinations, through countless routes.
All the attributes that they offer -the comfort and luxury of their seats, the security of their bus, their safety sensors, certified products, 24 hours customer service, and so on.


We captured the seamless experience that VRL assures with every travel. And we did so in one day! Check out the video for yourself!


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