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Uniso is a one stop shop for finding unique gifts, fashionable accessories, imported home decor, uber cool stationary products and much more. 

Uniso now has several stores in Bangalore in Jayanagar, VV Puram, Kanakapura Road and Yelahanka. 


You can find out more about Uniso on their website:



Uniso, as aforementioned, is a retail chain. They wanted to work with Moshi Moshi for the initial branding of their Jayanagar Flagship store. The objective was to increase brand awareness and to increase footfall in the Jayanagar Store. 


Their requirements also were for Social Media campaigns. 



Uniso suggested that we go ahead and devise our own strategies that would help them fulfill their requirements. So based on this, we devised social media campaigns and some offline promotional events. We realized that in terms of their online presence, content was something that needed to be worked upon. 

For Social Media and Online Branding, we made an introductory video for Uniso. The video was basically an introduction to Uniso, their product range, their store location and other such things.

We then moved on to make a series of stop motion videos featuring their products. As for Instagram and Facebook posting, we made colorful mock ups for featuring Uniso products. We also included short and attractive content, describing the product. 

For Offline Branding, We made a Voxpop Video. Voxpop Video basically refers to videos that engage with the public directly. The Voxpop video was conducted on the day of launch. The Voxpop video involved Team Moshi Moshi conducting fun games and distributing vouchers worth  Rs 300, Rs 500 and Rs 1000. We distributed around 150 vouchers.   


One of the many games in the Voxpop included 'Guess the product' which involved the participant to correctly guess what the product is. The intention here was to bring out the uniqueness of Uniso products. 



The Social Media Campaign and the offline promotional events for Uniso yielded extremely desirable results. 


In terms of online platforms, our social media strategy and content revisions helped Uniso garner more likes. 


Total Minutes of Video Engagement

The Total Engagement as recorded from 5th July to 13th August was 6.5 K. 


The Total Number of Reach:  1,50,000. 

Facebook Engagement (as seen in likes, comments and reactions) was also seen to increase by a great number. The Total engagement rate was seen to be increase by 44%. 

The Unique and concise Social Media content that we devised for Uniso also helped them in  Social Media Optimization and Social Media Marketing. 


So, one takeaway for you from this could be that content is the ultimate king! No matter how much money you spend on increasing your online reach, it all boils down to the content. So focus on your content and your social media is sorted.

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