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LUNIKORN is a Pet Food & Accessories aggregator taking care of all of your needs related to your pets. From pet accessories to food to vet on request, they are the one stop destination for our pets.


They even have a social network of their own where pet owners across Bengaluru can meet and discuss issues and share tips regarding pets.


Website - www.myunikorn.in       Social Media - 



The untold story about our pets and their happiness. Our job began from researching about the product and the services offered by the client then to creating a concept or theme , deciding animation type, finalizing the script, deciding elements and props in the video, designing characters and finally music and voice overs.


Here’s how we found our characters:



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It's funny how ideas hit you anytime and anywhere. We found the two main human characters in our team itself. Well, the girl of whose nose is what you'll notice first (definitely) is inspired from our 'Marketing manager', Bibina.


The round puppet nose and the never ending smile was what we focused on and that defined the rest. The male character too has been inspired from a 'Marketing Manager', Javed.

Well, interesting was the fact that while Bibina is an animal lover, Javed is exactly the opposite. :D


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