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Animation Video, Campaign



The client wanted an explanatory video to explain their complex looking blockchain technology to everybody out there in the easiest possible manner.

They wanted to showcase how TIM is beneficial and helps makes transactions faster and 100% secure. The main aim was to put all of this in simple understandable language so that people can relate and understand.





TIM is a patented, Quantum proof encrypted blockchain technology which has a potential to perform over 100 million transactions per second.

Tim is amongst the only few platforms in the world achieve such a feat.



Website - www.talking.im



Since there was a lot a information that had to be put in the video, we first explained what TIM stands for, showcasing its features.


As the video moves forward, you will find a lot of examples being used to showcase the simplicity of usage of the product and how it has the capability to achieve over 100MN transactions per second. We used a lot of icons to keep it subtle.


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