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The nosh house is a Bangalore based English themed café. Their idea is to give you something fresh, something new every day. They are with you right where you carry most of your stress with you, your workplace. They are currently present inside companies like 24/7, Flipkart, Embassy Tech Village. They also deliver through UberEats, Swiggy and Zomato. 



Since their target is the premium niche audience in Bangalore, their design philosophy has also been very niche. Keeping it simple and minimal.  The brief was very easy, but to execute the same was a bit difficult. The brief was to use black and white and make their cafe lively. So we thought, and thought a little more till we finally came up with the designs. 



Many quotations were used to decorate the walls. Use of strong quotation always adds a different vibe to their uniquely built interiors.


Words portray a deeper meaning than colors, our team used wordplay to keep the design simple. 

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