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Play Shifu isn’t just another toy maker.

Playshifu is revolutionizing the world by creating a range of extraordinary educational toys.
With their league of immersive, educational games, you can be assured that your child is in good hands and learning while playing.




Playshifu is helping kids all over the world look beyond boundaries. Their major idea behind the product is to educate and entertain them simultaneously. 


Their brief to us was as simple as their about us. We had to convey the same through the set of ads that we were going to do for them, Educating the parents about how entertaining learning could get with Shifu ORBOOT.




The team tried keeping the videos very simple yet informative so that the target segment i.e. parents, relatives, grandparents in the US & UK understand why they should order an Orboot and not any other globe.



1. Shifu Orboot — Old Globe with a Twist

      It’s 2018. With technology advancing and upgrades trickling at the drop of a hat, time to say bye-bye to the old globe, PRONTO! 


     Introduce your child to the brilliance of augmented reality with Orboot—an award-winning AR globe of tomorrow.

To know more about Orboot, click here:

2. Become a Food Ranger with Orboot

     Supper will no longer be the same, when your kid dishes out interesting facts about global cuisines, every single time of the day. Ignite the flicker of curiosity in children with Shifu Orboot—a STEM-tech educational globe enhanced by the power of Augmented Reality.


     Cuisines, Inventions, Monuments, Animals, Culture, Maps and more, with Orboot in hand, your little one will learn beyond classroom doors!


3. Learning made fun -The AR-educational Globe

     Long gone are the days when learning was a stressful, boring affair. Ditch the boredom and welcome fun with Orboot—a unique, AR-globe designed to make education interesting, again.


     Re-hashing the old globe, Orboot brings to you over 400+ highlights across 6 broad categories—Animals, Inventions, Monuments, Cuisines, Culture and Maps along with fun games and adventures to play on the side.

4. Shifu Orboot—The Perfect Gift for Curious Kids

     For a long, long time, it was believed, the perfect gift never existed, it seemed. Not anymore. Give young minds the perfect present—Shifu Orboot, the educational Augmented Reality globe that will revolutionize the way they will think about the world.


     With over 400+highlights across categories like Animals, Inventions, Monuments, Cuisines, Culture, and Maps to learn and explore, Orboot is the next-gen educational tool bringing together playing and learning, unlike anything before.

5. Sail, Swim, Fly or Drive, Travel the World with Orboot by your side

   Did you ever pause to think? How cool would it be, if you could explore the world at the tap of a screen?


    Bringing out not just the map, but the culture, wildlife, cuisines, monuments and inventions of a place, Orboot is one-of-a-kind globe that will change the way you discover the world, today. Created for the forever-curious souls with age no bar,


Explore over 60 countries with Orboot, that will forever change the way you know the world, so far.

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