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Koya's today is a pioneer in the world of Incense Industry and is leading the charge with Innovation, Quality & utmost Customer satisfaction. Koya's is a household name today with its top brands like Maya Supreme, Chandan, Demand, Intimate, Heaven Wood, Panchagani & Mogra being the hottest selling Incense brands in the market. 


The Outlay of the website was to be something that has never existed in the incense 

market. Something that would tell their story. 



Since they sell over a thousand incenses under  different categories, they wanted the website to be vibrant and lively. They wanted their categories to be shown properly and distinctly so that the viewer could easily get to know about the uniqueness of their products.



The categories section was designed with different colors. GIFS were used which were prominently explaining the categories. In the first slider there were eight categories shown with animated icons.


Clicking on those icons, will take the viewer to the page where he could get all the information related to the product under each categories. To make the website look vibrant and colorful, many small GIFs were used, entirely for a visual treat.

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