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Like all good things, the idea of Helpr was born out of necessity. Helpr is the most convenient and hassle free way to get your household work done. With handcrafted mobile solutions, unmatched service quality, and background verified providers they aim to aid in solving all your household problems, ease and most importantly, a personal touch.


As Their name suggests, they are here to help. They are here to build the best on-demand services company in the world.

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Helpr offers their customers all the basic services they need, but find impossible to get sometimes! Their work being so productive and accommodating, they were clear about the video they wanted -


1) A simple video that would explain their services suitably.

2) A Video for their promotion during the Kabali release



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We gave Helpr many ideas. The chosen on being -how frustrating it is to get the basic yet crucial services sometimes. This was something people could relate to easily. We made a simple animation video, where the characters would be enraged to the point of turning into The HULK! This explained perfectly the woes of the common man!


The other video we made was an experience for the customers, as to how quickly and efficiently Helpr provides them service, and gets the job done! We made a character embodying Rajnikanth, as he is always the saviour! And Kabali had released at the time the video was made, so it added the element of relevance to the characters.


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