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SSK White Collar is one of the largest chains of laundry and dry cleaning services in Bangalore. With a customer base of over 50000 per month and 20 collection centres across key locations in the city, they are your most trusted choice of branded care for your branded wear.

They provide door to door pickup and delivery to our customers, and also specialize in 24hr speedy services in case of an urgent requirement. They aim to provide world class practices and commit to continuously improve their technology, processes and services.

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SSK White Collars were quiet established, with many outlets. But they didn’t have branding of any sort! So they came to us with the need of launching their brand in the stream of communication, and marketing. They needed videos for their service.





We made an explainer video for SSK. We created characters, and portrayed the distress of not being able to have up to the mark clean clothes. We showed how the process of dry cleaning happened, and the end result is just perfection!


We also showed the perks of going for SSK that was door to door delivery, with this service lives were easier than before! Adding on to the essence of their brand, we spoke about how environment friendly their products are.


We simply marked off what might worry a potential customer, and gave solutions to their problems. We also mentioned the credibility of SSK, as to ease the customer into making an informed decision.


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