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Brew homes is the first company in india to bring to us home brewing equipments.

Conceptualised by young minds, brew homes aims at providing a rich brewing experience to the indians. 



The brief was that the client wanted something very very different as a name for his Chinese restaurant. The main product to be considered while coming up with a name was momo. Also, the design had to give an amazing look and feel which had to be youth-centric. 





After about a week of research and working on a lot of names like, momo-land, momomia, momo-mania we finally freezed 30 Square. But why 30 square out of the blue?


Well, momo had to be the center of our thought process. So we just flipped MO to 45 degrees and we realised it became 30. We then realised that if this flipped 30 is put twice it would make the words MOMO. We immediately concluded that 30 square would be the name we would go ahead with. The is a smiley, which is classy and everybody could relate to it. 



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