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Insignia Group was founded in the year 2003. Under the Insignia umbrella, 5 restaurant outlets operate in Bangalore by the name of ‘1947 Restaurants.

The Food at 1947 is sophisticated and dramatic without overpowering the palate.

1947 has always been inclined towards the serving the best quality food and a memorable dining experience to its visitors. Our focus has always relied on the integrity of flavour allowing the food to speak for itself.


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The name itself suggesting an era of the past, and a battle won -what they wanted wasn’t a puzzle to solve. The design was expected to take you back in history, or make you feel nostalgic.

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 We gave the menu a royal and old look, and added pictures for a visual mouth-watering journey for the the customer.

Along with the food, their style and personality was to be kept in mind. So our team came up with the idea of adding small bites of information at the end of each menu page.
Beginning from the Sepoy Mutiny in 1857, we added all the important facts or victories of Indians 
throughout the years, finally leading up to our Independence in 1947.
With this we weren’t just taking people on a voyage of history, we were also giving them
information, and something to read while they wait for their food.


The menu ended up being more a personality factor of the restaurant.

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